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MEMF » Why do I have no desire to have sex?

Why do I have no desire to have sex?

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Many couples have periods when there is little to no sex, but this does not necessarily mean that there is a problem in the relationship. Experts note some obstacles that may be associated with problems in bed …

  1. Certain drugs

For many young women, birth control pills are the most common libido suppressant, as they upset the balance of hormone levels, mainly testosterone.

As you get older, you often need to take other medications, such as antidepressants and heartburn medications. They can also affect libido.

  1. Constant stress

Constant tension can contribute to a lack of desire for sex, as we usually get distracted and cannot fully immerse ourselves in emotions with a partner. To shake off stress and fully immerse yourself in an intimate moment, it is important to determine what exactly is annoying us.

To do this, it is useful to keep records for several weeks. Thus, we can more easily determine which situations lead to the suppression of sexual desire.

  1. It’s time to have a baby!

Pregnancy and childbirth change the hormonal background in a woman’s body in an unpredictable way. Some women turn on almost everything during pregnancy, while others lose interest in sex altogether.

On the other hand, after vaginal delivery and exhaustion, partners take some time to adjust to a new lifestyle. The role of the woman is now less sexual and more directed towards the parent model.

One way to help yourself is to talk to your partner about sex. This can lead to arousal of both.

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